Safety Management

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The Office of Safety Management at Atlanta Fire Rescue is responsible for Risk Management and Occupational Health and Safety Initiatives.

Safety Management oversees occupational injury prevention and investigations  as well as: 

  • Implementation of light-duty measures and return to work;
  • Management of Health and Wellness initiatives, Peer Fitness Trainers, and the Workers Compensation process;
  • Management of the Lytx Drive Cam program which is a behavior-based fleet safety program.

Member Services

The Member Services unit within the Office of Safety Management is responsible for managing several essential programs and initiatives that support Atlanta Fire Rescue Department members’ work life.  The unit reports to the Deputy Fire Chief of the Support Services division.  Programs being managed by the unit include Workers’ Compensation, Drive Cam, and Wellness.

When a member experiences an injury on-the-job, a claim must be completed so that medical treatment can be initiated.  Member Services ensures that claims are correctly submitted, treatment is received, and bills are paid.  Light duty assignments are also coordinated by the unit for injured members who are not cleared for regular duty. Member Services manages the Drive Cam program.  Duties include ensuring that members are coached when driving behaviors warrant, identifying drivers in videos, and maintaining the operation of cameras. 

Wellness Program

The Wellness program, which consists of five phases, is designed to ensure that sworn members maintain an appropriate level of fitness that is required to perform the essential duties of a firefighter.  Phase one and two comprise a medical examination conducted by an outside Wellness vendor.  Phase three is a fitness assessment that is administered by in-house certified Peer Fitness Trainers (PFT).  Member Services ensures that PFTs maintain their certification.  Phase four involves PFTs designing fitness programs for members who desire additional fitness instruction.  Phase five includes program evaluation activities to ensure that the Wellness program is meeting its stated objectives.

The Rising Phoenix Leadership Institute

The Rising Phoenix Leadership Institute is a year-long leadership development program that prepares future leaders of the department for challenges they will face.  Applicants come from the ranks of lieutenant, captain, and battalion/section chief.  Candidates meet monthly and must complete an applied research paper to graduate from the program.

When the need arises and at the request of the Fire Chief, Member Services has developed and administered promotional testing processes for the ranks of battalion/section chief and assistant chief. 

It is the goal of the Office of Safety Management to enhance Atlanta Fire Rescue’s mission by providing quality service in each of these areas to assist Atlanta Fire Rescue in meeting its mission.