EMS Field Operations

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The Section Chief of EMS Field Operations has oversight of sixteen (16) BLS Engines, thirteen (13) ALS Engines and three (3) Quick Intervention Crew (QIC) units that also provide Advanced Life Support (ALS) capabilities. Additional supervisory oversight in operations is provided by two (2) Fire Captains that have ALS capabilities for two EMS districts which encompass a total of thirty-two (32) units.

Additional medical support is provided by MMRT, which are two (2) person bicycle teams that provide Basic Life Support (BLS) capabilities. Across the department, there are one hundred twenty (120) members certified through the International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA). The Field Operations Division has thirty-eight (38) IPMBA certified members that provide medical support for the Eastside Trail and the Krog Street extension that is under construction. 

Since March 2016, the Field Operations Division has utilized these teams on the weekends to traverse the Atlanta Beltline. During the weekend, between the months of March and October, trail counter numbers average between 4,300 to almost 5,700 people per day. Activity begins picking up at 10 a.m. and peaks by 3 p.m., reaching 1,700 people on the trail at once.

To enhance the Beltline response capabilities, two Polaris GEM eL XD electric vehicles have been added to support the teams. These units provide patient transport capabilities, which enhance transfers off of the Beltline to the roadway.

Future plans include expanding bike team coverage for the Westside Trail. Upon completion, the Atlanta Beltline will connect 45 in town neighborhoods via a 22-mile loop of multi-use trails, which will include the streetcar and parks.